Eden Country Manor Dimensional Rockfaced

Lengths: Random 8″ to 36″
Heights: 2 1/4, 5″, 7¾”, 10½”
Full veneer thickness: 3 ½” to 5″
Thin veneer thickness: ¾”  to 1½”
Approximately 36 square feet per ton

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Eden Country Manor Dimensional is a blend of 50% Eden Royal Chateau for bedface texture blended with 50% Dimensional Sawn Veneer Rockfaced for added depth. The combination of straight lines, textured bedface and rugged rockfacing gives this veneer blend a strong profile and tons of character. Also available in a thin veneer, Country Manor Dimensional is a great choice when you want clean lines with bedface and splitface color tones.

Color: Light Gray, slight buff, golden browns; light buff increases slightly as is ages

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Brown, Buff, Gray