Eden Heritage Antique

Lengths: Random 6″ to 18″
Heights: 2″ to 9″
Full veneer thickness: 3 ½” to 5″
Thin veneer thickness: ¾”  to 1½”
Approximately 38 square feet per ton

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 Eden Heritage Antique provides a unique blend of textures and shapes using a combination 60% Eden Machine Cut Veneer Tumbled, 30% Eden Webstone Tumbled, 10% Eden Seamface Tumbled. This blend has an old world feel in it’s make-up of different sized shapes and colors. For those that prefer random design to the structure of dimensional blends, our Heritage blends are a great choice. Eden Heritage is most commonly ordered tumbled, but is available in a non-tumbled version by request.

*Also available non-tumbled

Color: Gray tones turning buff as it ages

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Buff, Gray