Eden Tumbled Webwall

Lengths: Random 8″ to 30″
Heights: 8″ to 24″ (up to 30″ in full veneer)
Full veneer thickness: 3 ½” to 5″
Thin veneer thickness: ¾”  to 1½”
Approximately 38 square feet per ton

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Eden Web Tumbled is a bedface product made up of irregular shaped, mosaic pieces of stone. Tumbling Eden Web gives the stone an aged, distinguished appearance by rounding sharp edges and softening the overall tone and color of this smooth bedface material. This blend is ideal when you want to avoid patterns and straight lines. If you prefer a truly original design, Tumbled Eden Web is a great option. Blend Tumbled Eden Web with another material like Tumbled Chilton Web for added color and dimension.

Color: Light Gray, slightly buff, browns; light buff increases slightly as it ages

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Brown, Buff, Gray