Mountain Crest Royal Chateau

Lengths: random 8″ to 36″
Heights: 2 ¼”, 5”, 7 ¾”, 10 ½”,
Full Heights: 13 ¼”, 16”, 18 ¾” and 21 ½”
Full veneer thickness: 3 ½” to 5″
Thin veneer thickness: ¾”  to 1½”
Approximately 34 square feet per ton

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Royal Chateau has a formal, elegant appearance with natural Bedface surface textures and may be Rockfaced for added visual appeal. Dimensionally cut top and bottom edges with snapped ends make the installation easier and more cost effective. Royal Chateau is typically supplied in heights from 2 1/4″ to 21 1/2″ depending on the overall “scale” of the project. Royal Chateau is also available tumbled for that age-old appearance or Rockfaced to add depth and character to the edge of each piece.

Color: Various shades of gray
Same color as Eden, with a more heavily textured Bedface

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